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Discover Oxford from a different point of view…

Oxford River Cruises

“Cruising the tranquil Thames in Oxford offers a taste of a lower life, where cares drift away with the gentle flow of the water and life’s pleasures can be enjoyed to their utmost.” (source)

Oxford River Cruises offers a range of tours, trips and cruises to experience the beauty of Oxford from the River Thames. Whether you are interested in private boat hire, group sightseeing tours or picnic cruises, Oxford River Cruises can cater to your personal needs. With their intimate knowledge of the city, they can also recommend the best riverside restaurants and inns to enhance your experience.

For more information, visit the Oxford River Cruises website.

Salter’s Steamers

Another option for exploring Oxford by boat is Salter’s Steamers. Salter’s Steamers has been operating for over 150 years, and specializes in inter-city cruises. In addition to this, the company offers private charters, jazz cruises, day boats and punts by which guests can discover Oxford from the River Thames.

For more information, visit the Salter’s Steamers website.

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