The University of Oxford is home to thirty-eight colleges, each unique and rich in history. Many are open to visitors, and offer rewarding opportunities to learn more about the University.

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Christ Church College

Christ Church College is perhaps the most recognisable college, and served as an iconic filming location for Harry Potter. Notable alumni include John Locke, Lewis Carroll, and a grand total of thirteen prime ministers of England.

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Trinity College

Although Trinity is a relatively small college, it has produced three prime ministers of England. Located in the heart of Oxford, the entrance can be found opposite Blackwell’s Bookshop and Turl Street. Founded in 1555, Trinity College is well-known for its chapel choir.

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Magdalen College

For visitors to Oxford, Magdalen College is one of the most popular places to see. Founded in 1458, it is one of the wealthiest colleges, and boasts fellows such as C. S. Lewis. It is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful sites, and is home to the famous bell tower.

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